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La Luna Cafe Philippines – It’s summertime in the Philippines, and we can’t help but think back to our provincial upbringings, playing age-old games until dusk and stuffing ourselves with our grandparents’ delectable cuisine.

There is a restaurant in Metro Manila where working adults can enjoy the same cuisine as they did as children. La Luna Cafe, located in an ancestral home in Taguig City, offers comfort food for Filipinos, including favorites from the panaderia (bakery).

While promoting the Taguig heritage and Filipino taste, this recently opened restaurant in Hagonoy offers a variety of foods and beverages.

The 123rd anniversary of Philippine Independence Day (June 12, 2021) saw the opening of La Luna Café. The bakery-restaurant-café is housed inside a contemporary heritage building that the business Bayani Gourmet converted.

Full Review

This is the full review of La Luna Cafe Philippines:

1. The Ambience

la luna café zomato
The Ambience at La Luna Cafe, Photo via Instagram: @cilinagomez

The outdoor dining area at La Luna Cafe Philippines is one of the best in the city. It has wooden benches and patios that are shaded by the surrounding trees.

An ideal location to bring your significant other for a date or an intimate conversation with friends and family.

There are also quaint nooks inside the restaurant that are paved with concrete and bricks and lit by warmer fixtures if you’d prefer to eat there.

If the weather outside is too hot and muggy, this is a better option for seating.

The ambiance at La Luna Cafe sets it apart from the competition and will bring back memories of provincial summers and simpler times.

2. The Place

The Place
The Place of La Luna Cafe, Photo via Instagram: @yoyeats_

A short drive from the bustling Bonifacio Global City, La Luna Cafe is guaranteed to bring back memories of your childhood vacations spent at your grandparents’ house in the countryside.

It has two two-story dwellings, the lower stories of which are made of stone and cement, and the upper stories of which are made of wood.

These have capiz windows, which are distinctive of homes with Filipino heritage.

Additionally, La Luna Cafe has a deck space outside that is surrounded by trees where you can eat meryenda (snack).

The cafe’s interior, which is furnished with wood furniture and glass-top tables and features elaborate beam decorations, resembles the ancestral home of a wealthy family.

Each guest must show a completed vaccination card in order to eat indoors.

3. The Food

la luna café taguig owner
The Food at La Luna Cafe, Photo via

This bakery serves additional Filipino and Western cuisines in addition to the traditional panaderia fare.

There is a large variety of morning dishes, including silog meals, as well as starters, soups, vegetables, entrées, main entrees, desserts, and of course, upgraded versions of panaderia classics.

On the other hand, La Luna offers coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juices, fruit shakes, milkshakes, and soda for refueling.

If you are confused to pick the menu, here are some top menus that you must try:

a. Filipino dishes and Taguig Specialties

The food of La Luna Cafe is also themed. They are refined variations of Filipino cuisine that is prepared at home.

For breakfast, they offer a variety of silog (Filipino breakfast dishes) with prices starting at P215 (about $4.11 USD).

They also offer champorado, a sweet chocolate rice porridge, and other delicacies from the Philippines including igado and bopis, both of which are cooked with swine guts.

Additionally, Taguig specialties are served at the cafe.

These include ginataang biya, paksiw na ayungin (silver perch fish cooked in vinegar), and balut ala pobre (sizzling boiling fertilized duck egg) (round goby fish in coconut milk).

In addition, there are regional duck recipes such as fried itik and adobo (duck braised in soy sauce) (duck).

b. Panaderia Classics

Like any other cuisine, bread from the neighborhood panaderia is an important part of Filipino upbringing. La Luna Cafe offers traditional Filipino baked goods for this.

They provide freshly baked ensaymada (a sweet pastry with butter, sugar, and grated cheese on top), pan de coco (a dinner roll filled with sweetened coconut meat shavings), and kalihim (a soft bread with crimson pudding filling).

Additionally, you can get pandesal, a salted bread roll, with your choice of filling, such as premium glazed ham, corned beef, and Spanish sardines.

You can also cool off with the summertime favorites halo-halo and mais con yelo to complete your nostalgic Filipino summer memory.

c. Western Food Offerings

At this cafe located in a Filipino heritage house, you may also eat Western food.

Breakfast options include a modest meal of bread rolls and butter (P250; USD4.78; or fried chicken and waffles (P400; USD7.65).

Steak Frites (P600, USD11.47) and a succulent rack of baby back ribs (starting at P850, USD16.25) are two options for main dishes at lunch and evening.

We suggest ordering the roasted chicken on sourdough bread with pesto sauce and potatoes from La Luna Cafe (P350, USD6.69) if you want to sample as many of their tastes as you can in one meal.

To Sum Up:

Try the Kalderetang Itik, Adobong Itik, Lutong Itik, and Fried Itik from La Luna Cafe’s Taguig Specialties if you’re feeling adventurous.

La Luna Café’s Ensaimada and stuffed pandesal are two of its most popular items made from freshly baked bread. They provide Premium Tapa Pandesal, Premium Spanish Sardines Pandesal, Premium Sisig Pandesal, and Premium Corned Beef Pandesal.

If you’re intrigued but on a tighter budget, you should try the standard pandesals even if they cost a little more than usual. T

These are also available at La Luna Café: Pastel Pandesal, Tapa Pandesal, Spanish Sardines Pandesal, Corned Beef Pandesal.

4. How to Get There

la luna café philippines
How to Get There, Photo via

One of Taguig’s oldest neighborhoods, La Luna Café, is hidden there and can be reached via Manuel L. Quezon Avenue.

For those traveling by public transportation (PUJ), jeepneys with the Pasig-Bagumbayan (or Pasig-Bicutan) route travel along M. L. Quezon Ave. Between St. Michael and the entry road to Acacia Estates is where you’ll find La Luna Café.

If you’re driving your own car, you can travel along any roads that connect to M. L. Quezon Avenue, such as C6 Road (which runs parallel to M. L. Quezon Ave) and C5 Road via Cuasay Rd. and MRT Ave.

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  • Parking area
  • Kid-friendly
  • Cash
  • Contactless transactions
  • Delivery
  • Dine in
  • Takeout
  • Restroom

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La Luna Location

Address: 103 M. L. Quezon Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila.
Contact Number: (02) 8293 7655
Opening Hours: Daily, 7 am – 10 pm

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La Luna Menu Price List

Here is a list of La Luna Cafe Philippines food and drink rates:

1. Small Plates

Bread and Butter Basket₱250
Ham and Cheese Sandwich₱450

2. Big Plates

Steak and Eggs₱600
Spanish Sardine with Garlic Rice and Eggs₱400
Fried Chicken and Waffles₱400
French Toast₱400
Omelette and Hash Brown₱350

3. Starters

Crostini with Spinach Dip₱250
Grandma’s Chicken Soup₱250
French Onion Soup₱300
Caesar Salad₱400
Waldorf Salad₱350
Chicken Poppers with Parmesan Ranch Sauce₱250
Mini Meatballs with Marinara and Mozzarella₱380

4. Breakfast

Corned Beef Silog₱290
Corned Beef Sandwich₱160
Tapa Sandwich₱160
Arroz Caldo₱200

5. Appetizers and Salads

Street Balls₱180
Lumpiang Togue₱150
Tokwa’t Baboy₱300
Ensaladang Talong₱200
Ensaladang Mangga₱200
Ensaladang Pipino₱200

6. Soups and Vegetables

Sopa de Ajo₱150
Molo Soup₱150
Monggo Guisado with Ampalaya Leaves₱200
Tortang Talong₱250
Ginataang Sigarilyas₱250

7. Mains Filipino Favorites

Lengua con Setas₱500
Beef Pochero₱450
Crispy Pata Confit₱1,500
Grilled Pork Belly Sinigang₱500
Grilled Liempo₱400
Lumpiang Shanghai₱240
Grilled Pompano₱1,100
Binukadkad na Plapla₱650
Crab Pinais₱625
Adobong Pusit₱450
Pinaupong Manok₱460
Sinampalukang Manok₱460
Pancit Canton with Lechon Kawali₱265

8. Sandwiches and Pasta

Burger and Fries₱550
Roasted Chicken on Sourdough Bread₱350
Chicken Salad Sandwich₱350
Calamansi Tuyo Pasta₱350
Spaghetti Bolognese₱350
Pesto Pasta with Chicken₱250

9. Mains Western Delight

Steak Frites₱600
Chicken Cordon Bleu₱680
Baked Seafood Rice₱450
Fish and Chips₱450
Wing Bean Provencale₱350
Baby Back Ribs Half Rack₱850
Baby Back Ribs Full Rack₱1,700
Fried Chicken Quarter₱250
Fried Chicken Half₱450

10. Tagung Specialities

Balut ala Pobre₱350
Paksiw na Ayungin₱350
Ginataang Biya₱550
Kalderetang Itik₱450
Adobong Itik₱450
Lutong Itik₱300
Fried Itik₱800

11. Desserts

Ube Bar₱20
Special Inutak₱100
Main con Hielo₱160
Special Halo-Halo Fruits₱250
Palamig Sago’t Nata₱200
Halo-Halo Fruits₱100

12. Coffee

Brewed Coffee₱130
Classic Latte₱130
Piccolo Latte₱120

13. Tea

Grand Jasmine/ Oolong/ Chamomile/ Green Earl Grey/ English Breakfast/ Moroccan Mint₱200

14. Hot Chocolate

Tsokolate Eh₱130
Tsokolate Ah₱130

15. Panaderia Favorites

Premium Corn Beef Pandesal₱90
Premium Chicken Adobo Pandesal₱65
Premium Tapa Pandesal₱100
Premium Spanish Sardine Pandesal₱160
Premium Sisig Pandesal₱50
Premium Pastel Pandesal₱60
Premium Ham and Cheese Pandesal₱90
Premium Spinach, Mushroom, Cream Cheese, and Ham Pandesal₱90
Premium Glazed Ham Pandesal₱90
Corned Beef Pandesal₱30
Chicken Adobo Pandesal₱35
Tapa Pandesal₱35
Spanish Sardine Pandesal₱55
Sisig Pandesal₱25
Pastel Pandesal₱25
Ham and Cheese Pandesal₱55
Spinach, Mushroom, Cream Cheese, and Ham Pandesal₱55
Glazed Ham Pandesal₱25
Plain Pandesal₱75
Pan de Coco₱30
Spanish Bread₱15
Cheese Bread₱30
Wheat Loaf₱150
Texas Toast₱150
Bread Loaf₱150

16. Fresh Juice Bar

Mango ₱250
Watermelon Cucumber₱200

17. Shakes

Fresh Mango₱200
Fresh Green Mango₱250
Fresh Melon₱120
Watermelon Cucumber₱120
Buko Pandan₱150
Flat Tops Milkshakes₱250
Salted White Rabbit Milkshakes₱200

18. Bar

Coke/ Coke Zero/ Sprite/ Royal₱85
Schweppes Tonic Water₱105
Schweppes Soda Water₱105
Gin and Tonic₱380
San Miguel Light₱150
Bend Carbenet Sauvignon₱2,400
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