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Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines – It’s such a joy these days to locate a fantastic outdoor dining establishment with delectable cuisine and a soothing ambiance.

It could be a good idea to drive up to Antipolo and check out Miguel’s Garden Cafe if you’re looking for a new outdoor dining establishment that the whole family will love.

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About Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines

miguel's garden cafe contact number
About Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines, Photo via Instagram: @ninneth

Due to its laid-back atmosphere, Instagrammable surroundings, and mouthwatering food, Miguel’s Garden Cafe only recently debuted in August 2021. Nevertheless, it has already become a popular favorite.

Miguel’s is called for the son of “Ineng” and “Santiago”! When you visit, you might even witness the vivacious Baby Miguel frolicking about, jokingly welcoming visitors, and amusing visitors’ pets.

Miguel’s Garden Cafe is a fantastic spot for everyone, offering an amazing ambiance, outside dining, fantastic food, fresh air, and instagrammable areas all in one restaurant! Your new favorite restaurant in Rizal may be Miguel’s Garden Cafe.

Because the restaurant is tucked away on a sizable plot of ground, there is plenty of room for everyone. There are several outside tables where you may enjoy the fresh air and the cover provided by the various trees.

Miguel’s is actually a brand-new establishment from the same company that owns Santiago Filipino Restaurant and Ineng’s Special BBQ. So, you can anticipate that the cuisine will be of the highest quality.

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Full Review

This is the full review of Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines:

1. The Place

The Place
The Place, Photo via Instagram: @marisa_0004

Although the restaurant is a little tiny, it offers a sizable open area that is ideal for families to bring their children without feeling uncomfortable.

The location is also made so that it receives just as much fresh air as the outside if you choose to sit within the open restaurant’s one-story building.

In addition, the numerous lush plants placed all over and the colorful wall murals painted by local artists make it such a lively and dynamic space. There are tons of vibrant places for your OOTD on Instagram!

The Instagram-worthy interiors and exteriors of Miguel’s Garden Cafe are more than enough of a reason to stop by, but their extensive menu of savory foods will have you coming back.

2. The Location

The Location
The Location, Photo via Instagram: @iamarealgem

The main office of Miguel’s Garden Cafe in Kota Paradiso is located in Calabarzon. The Miguel’s Garden Cafe is located in Manila E Rd, Mabitac, Laguna, the Philippines, in Kota Paradiso.

Visit their website at https://miguels-garden-cafe-at-kota-paradiso.business.site/?utm to learn more.

The company is categorized as a restaurant. With 112 reviews, it has a 3.8-star rating on average. They offer takeout and dine-in options.

3. The New Vibes

miguel's garden cafe antipolo
The New Vibes, Photo via miguels-garden-cafe-at-kota-paradiso.business.site

The epidemic has led to a significant resurgence of outdoor dining in the Philippines.

Families and barkadas are once again dining out together on the weekends as a result of regulations being loosened earlier this year and a decrease in COVID instances, but many still prefer to congregate in open areas for safety.

While mall-based restaurants with outdoor seating are an option, al fresco cafés and pop-up coffee shops have recently become quite popular in scenic areas close to Manila, such as Tagaytay and Tanay.

However, given how expensive gas is these days, closer destinations are starting to appeal more.

Since it’s close to the metro and convenient to drive to if you just want to meet up with friends for a quick brunch or cup of coffee, Antipolo is a favorite destination for metro residents.

It has an out-of-town vibe and beautiful views. One of the most well-liked destinations near Manila for weekend trips or coffee for bikers is Antipolo.

4. A Place For The Whole Family

miguel's garden cafe menu
A Place For The Whole Family, Photo via miguels-garden-cafe-at-kota-paradiso.business.site

We genuinely loved the laid-back atmosphere of the entire place, in addition to the instagrammable locations and wonderful food Miguel’s offers.

As soon as dusk falls, the area is fully illuminated by numerous hanging lights. With the soothing Antipolo air, soft lighting, and background music, it transforms into such a romantic setting.

It’s a terrific place for gatherings and reunions, especially because the outside café welcomes patrons of all ages. They even warmly welcome animals!

5. The Top Menu

miguel's garden cafe antipolo review
The Top Menu, Photo via miguels-garden-cafe-at-kota-paradiso.business.site

Here is the top menu at Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines which you should try it:

You must taste the best-selling Miguel’s Freshly Picked Garden Pizza if you like pizza. The vegetables on this pizza are true “freshly plucked,” having been obtained from their partner farm in Laguna. There is a taste of freshness.

The Gourmet Tuyo Pizza, which delivers a delectable blend of salty fish, sweet and tangy sauce, and savory homemade dough, is another new item on the menu.

In addition, the pasta dishes are absolutely fresh. Fresh tomatoes from their joint farm are used to make the flavorful red sauce for the pasta puttanesca.

Trying to find creamy pasta? Don’t miss the delicious Shrimp Alfredo.

Their chicken dishes are also excellent, and I love fried chicken. You will be amazed by eating garlic parmesan chicken tenders because the seasoning is so excellent.

The Classic Buffalo and Soy Garlic flavors of their wings are both must-tries.

Their best-selling appetizer is the Mozzarella Sticks, which is pretty clear given the cheese draw.

The Miguel’s Franks with Chili Con Carne is another intriguing item to try; it consists of a sausage sandwich stuffed with tasty chili con carne and fries. At Ineng’s commissary, they even cook their own sausages!

Miguel’s also provides unique Hot Tsokolate Batirol recipes to complement the chilly Antipolo climate.

For that cherished chocolate-nut flavor, try the Tsoko Mani.


According to the feedback from the customers, the pizza here is good. According to numerous reviews, this establishment serves excellent coffee. The majority of users say the staff is imaginative.

At Miguel’s Garden Cafe in Kota Paradiso, the excellent service demonstrates a high standard of excellence. The atmosphere is lovely inside.

It’s possible that this restaurant will completely meet your expectations in terms of both cuisine and service as Facebook customers awarded it a perfect five-star rating.

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  • Takeout
  • Restrooms

Miguel’s Garden Cafe Location

Address: J549+VMG, Sitio Hopeville, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, Rizal
Contact Number: +52 415 688 1503
Opening Hours: Daily, 7 am – 10 pm.

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Miguel’s Garden Cafe Menu Price

Here is a list of Miguel’s Garden Cafe Philippines food and drink rates:

1. Steak

T – Bone with Mashed Potato and Gravy₱649
Porterhouse with Mashed Potato and Gravy₱649

2. Salmon

Baked Garlic Butter Salmon₱369
Aglio Olio with Baked Salmon₱289
Miguel’s Garden Salad with Salmon₱390

3. Coffee

Cafe Latte₱130
Mocha Latte₱150
Caramel Latte₱150
Vanilla Latte₱150
Chocnut Latte₱160

4. Ice-Blended Coffee (16 oz)

Mocha Ice Blended₱235
Caramel Ice Blended₱235
Vanilla Ice Blended₱235
Chocnut Ice Blended₱235
Black Forrest₱235

5. House Blended Drinks

Mudslide (Over ice/ Iced Blended)₱195/ ₱235
Miguel’s House Iced Tea₱130
Cucumber Lemonade₱130

6. Hot Tsokolate Batirol

Klasik Tsoko₱89
Tsoko Mestizo₱95
Tsoko Mani₱129
Homemade Italian Sausage with Capsicum, Black Olives and Fresh Arugula₱549
Michlle’s Supreme Pizza₱549
Hot Tuna with Garlic, Onion and Jalapenos₱749
Miguel’s Freshly Picked Garden Pizza₱549
Three Cheese Pizza₱549
Bacon, Broccoli, and Bell Peppers₱549
Homemade Pepperoni with Pineapples and Fresh Basil Leaves₱549
Richard’s Favorite Shrimp Pizza₱749

7. Cocktails and Mocktails

Tequila Sunrise₱225
Shirley Temple₱189
Blue Curacao₱189
Black Russian₱169
White Russian₱169

8. Antipasto

Gambas with Mushroom₱589
Calamares and Tofu₱389
Dynamite Rolls₱139
Baked Potato Wedges₱225
Shrimp Roll₱229
Baked Zucchini₱249
Nachos with a Twist₱399

9. Miguel’s Pasta

Chicken Alfredo Pasta₱289
Shrimp Alfredo₱289
Pasta Arrabbiata₱259
Pasta Puttanesca₱259
Chicken Pesto Pasta₱289
Shrimp Pesto₱289

10. Soup and Salad of The Day

Soup of The Day₱149
Salad of The Day₱255
+ With Chicken or Shrimp₱135

11. Sandwiches

Miguel’s Franks₱195
Franks with Chili Con Carne₱239
Miguel’s Classic Burger₱259

12. Chicken

Special Fried Chicken 3 pcs₱215
Special Fried Chicken 6 pcs₱425
Special Fried Chicken 9 pcs₱649
Miguel’s Chicken Wings 1/2 kg₱305
Miguel’s Chicken Wings 1 kg₱585
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