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Seollem Cafe Philippines – We may not be able to board a plane and travel the streets of South Korea for some time given everything that has happened.

While there are many places to order takeout and have food delivered that will sate our Korean food cravings, or should we say K-ravings? Sitting in a café just feels different.

Your favorite oppas and their kilig moments will never get old to you!

Seollem Cafe, a recently opened cafe in Baguio, will make the long hours on the road so worthwhile while we daydream about visiting the filming locations of our favorite dramas.

About Seollem Cafe

Korean Resto
About Seollem Cafe, Photo via Instagram: @seollemcafe

Pat Bernardo, RM de Vera, and their business partners Eva and Leo created the Seollem Cafe.

The two were addicted to Crash Landing On You during the start of the pandemic, and eventually to Korean culture as well.

Pat noted in a special interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines that “We are a Korean cafe, not a Korean cafe inspired by Korean culture.”

The businessperson shared, “Since 96 percent of Seollem Cafe is made in South Korea, you’ll recognize the plugs, light switches, furniture, tableware, napkins, trays, lamps, chillers, aprons, caps, packaging, and brand names from K-dramas and Korean commercials. Additionally from South Korea are the majority of the ingredients and cooking tools. Our aesthetic is entirely Korean, as are our flavor profiles. We perform it as closely as we can!”

Exactly what was the intention? Each time you visit this place, “We want to make your heart flutter.” Staff members at Seollem Cafe, known as chingus, receive training in the Korean language and cultural trends in order to better inform their customers about the local way of life.

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Full Review

This is the full review of Seollem Cafe Philippines:

1. The Place

how to go to seollem cafe
The Place of Seollem Cafe Philippines, Photo via Facebook: Seollem Cafe

The interior of Seollem Cafe Philippines was influenced by the two K-dramas Itaewon Class and Crash Landing On You.

The lower ground gives off the impression that you are about to receive a bowl of Park Sae Ro Yi’s renowned sundubu jjigae.

Danbam is the source of inspiration for every element on the floor, including wood furniture, plants, and dreamy fairy lights. The seats are even comparable to Danbam’s!

It has cement-finished walls, wooden tables, and leather seats. Lighting and plants also give the room a whimsical touch.

Simply visit the second floor of Seollem Cafe to experience what it’s like to live in successful CEO Yoon Se Ri’s apartment if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like.

The furnishings are largely the same as those on the first floor, but the high ceiling, ceiling lamps, and pops of yellow, orange, and green elevate the space.

2. Reservation

seollem cafe location
Reservation at Seollem Cafe Philippines, Photo via Facebook: Seollem Cafe

It has wood tables and chairs, leather seats, and cement-finished walls. Other whimsical touches include plants and lighting.

Seollem Cafe prioritizes scheduled bookings with up to 2 hours each visit in order to assure everyone’s safety. Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 AM to 8:15 PM are the hours that the cafe is open for reservations. You need to show proof of your vaccination.

Should you be nearby but unable to make a reservation, you can always try your luck as a walk-in customer. As long as there are seats available, everyone can abide by their rules, and they can fit a certain number of people in, they welcome walk-ins.

Seollem Cafe can be found on Facebook or Instagram for further details.

3. The Menu

seollem cafe reservation
The Menu at Seollem Cafe Philippines, Photo via Facebook: Seollem Cafe

a. The Korean Drinks

Any café that wants to adopt Korean cafe culture needs to provide a great assortment of caffeinated beverages.

There are several espresso-based beverages, teas, coffee and tea lattes, and chocolate beverages available at Seollem Cafe.

You can order those beverages hot, chilled, or blended with ice.

The Mitsugaru Tea Latte made with multi-grain powder, and the Dalgona Latte, made with honeycomb toffee, are two of their distinctive blends and start at P135 (about USD2.69) each.

Choose from their Blue Pea Tea Latte or Pink Beetroot Latte, both of which start at P140 (about USD2.79), if you want a vibrant beverage that will look good on Instagram.

In honor of Juri’s passion for K-pop boy bands, they also serve a beverage called the Hallabong Pea Tea which is inspired by BTS.

The concoction includes Hallabong, water, and the herbal tea Butterfly Pea, which is high in antioxidants (a type of tangerine found in Jeju Island). It tastes fresh and sweet thanks to the mixture.

For those who prefer alcohol as a nightcap drink, the cafe also provides a choice of beers, cocktails, and mocktails.

b. Dessert Toasts

Korean toasts from Seollem Cafe are also available as desserts if you prefer something sweet rather than savory. Other varieties of dessert toast start at P175 (USD3.48), while the trendy Mermaid Toast with colorful cream cheese costs P110 (USD2.19).

For P185 to P190 (about USD3.68 to USD3.78), they also sell croffles, which are croissant-shaped waffles in flavors like fruits and cream and caramel dalgona.

You can also order their Bingsu Snow Ice if you don’t want any extra carbohydrates.

c. Korean Street Toast

With their Korean Street Toast, Seollem Cafe even follows the current street food trend in Korea. Starting at P110 (about USD2.19), this item is available in the following flavors: classic, special, cheesy bacon, and teriyaki.

They also sell food that we frequently see on Korean mukbang channels and K-variety shows. Pasta with marinated beef costs P215 (about $4.28 USD) and shrimp rosé pasta costs P220 (about $4.38 USD).

Every Korean restaurant must serve more traditional dishes like teokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes), kimbap (Korean sushi rolls), bibimbap (a rice bowl with meat and mixed vegetables), and kimchi fried rice.

The restaurant also offers 7 varieties of Korean fried chicken.


  • Parking area
  • Restroom
  • Kid-friendly
  • Cash
  • Contactless transactions
  • Dine in
  • Delivery
  • Takeout

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Seollem Cafe Location

Address: Camp 7, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines.
Contact Number: 0910 481 9088.
Opening Hours: Daily, 9.30 am – 8.30 pm

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Seollem Cafe Menu Price

Here is a list of Seollem Cafe Philippines food and drink rates:

1. Signature Blends

Seollems’s Mitsugaru Tea Latte₱140 – ₱160
Seollems’s Dalgona Latte₱140 – ₱160
Seollems’s Black Sesame Latte₱150 – ₱170
Seollems’s Salty Caramel Latte₱165 – ₱185
Seollems’s Chocolate₱165 – ₱185
Seollems’s Matcha Latte₱170 – ₱190
Seollems’s Matcha Dalgona Latte₱185 – ₱205

2. Coffee Based Drinks

Americano₱125 – ₱145
Cafe Latte₱140 – ₱160
Cappuccino₱145 – ₱165
Cafe Mocha₱155 – ₱175
Caramel Macchiato₱160 – ₱180
Peppermint Mocha₱170 – ₱190

3. Korean Milk

Banana₱160 – ₱180
Strawberry₱175 – ₱195

4. Non-Coffee Drinks

Chocolate₱155 – ₱175
Peppermint Chocolate₱160 – ₱180

5. Brewed Teas

Honey Black Tea₱135 – ₱155
Honey Peach Passion Fruit Tea₱135 – ₱155
Apple Spiced Tea₱135 – ₱155
Hibiscus Berry Tea₱150 – ₱160

6. Fizz Drinks

Lemon₱135 – ₱155
Peach₱135 – ₱155
Lychee₱135 – ₱155
Apple Kiwi₱135 – ₱155
Berry₱160 – ₱170

7. Korean Tea Lattes

Chai Tea Latte₱140 – ₱160
Blue Pea Tea Latte₱145 – ₱165
Pink Beetroot Latte₱145 – ₱165

8. Korean Teas

Hallabong Tea₱140 – ₱160
Citron Tea₱140 – ₱160
Jeju Aloe Tea₱145 – ₱165
Butterfly Hallabong Tea₱155 – ₱175

9. Drink Add-Ons

Flavored Syrup₱30
Espresso Shot ₱25
Salted Cream₱30
Cold Cream₱25
Ice Cream₱50
Whipped Cream₱20
Popping Pearls₱35

10. Beer

Butter Beer₱180 – ₱220
Vanilla Hazelnut Beer₱190 – ₱220
Peach Beer₱190 – ₱220
Kiwi Beer₱190 – ₱230
Spiced Apple Beer₱195 – ₱225
Berry Beer₱210 – ₱240

11. Cocktails and Mocktails

K-Mojito₱205 – ₱245
K-Amaretto Soul₱200 – ₱240

12. Bingsu Snow Ice

Fruits and Cream₱185
Black Sesame₱175
Caramel – Dalgona₱180

13. Croffles

Fruits and Cream₱195
Black Sesame₱200
Caramel – Dalgona₱200

14. Korean Desserts Toast

Fruits and Cream₱195
Black Sesame₱185
Caramel – Dalgona₱185
Mermaid Toast₱135

15. Korean Pasta

Bulgogi Pasta₱230
Shrimp Rose Pasta₱230

16. Others


17. Korean Fried Chicken

Original Chicken₱330
Yangnyeom Chicken₱360
Fire Chicken ₱360
Cheese Chicken₱385
Garlic Parmesan Chicken₱390
Soy Chicken₱360
Korean Buffalo Chicken₱375

18. Premium Toast

Classic Premium Toast₱180
Teriyaki Premium Toast₱230

19. Korean Street Toast

Classic Toast₱125
Special Toast₱135
Cheezy Bacon Toast₱135
Teriyaki Toast₱140

20. Rice Bowls

Kimchi Fried Rice₱220

21. Food Add-Ons

Korean White Rice₱50
Plain Croffle₱105
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